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elcome. My name is Michael Bursill. If your surname is Bursill, I believe it likely that you and I are related.

I have been researching public records to discover my ancestors: and everything I find suggests that there are not very many Bursills on planet Earth - perhaps a few hundred of us - and there do not seem to have been any of us at all until a parish clerk spelled our name in its particular form in 1692.

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Find out about Francis Bursill who left rural Hertfordshire with his young family to find fortune in the growing city of Westminster during the reign of William and Mary. Perhaps you can trace your ancestry back, as I have done, to one of his six grandsons. Most fascinating of all: you can find links to contemporary records that give vivid insights into the societal circumstances in which our forefathers lived.

If you are a Bursill, or descended from one, I would be interested to hear from you; even more so if you have information to contribute to this website. But before you do so, please browse around these pages to see what I have found out so farů